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20 Seconds of Courage

Episode 1 | 29m 1s

In 2016, Ohio farmer Roger Winemiller lost two of his three children to heroin overdoses. His one surviving child, a twenty-year user, was in recovery. Faced with overwhelmed and underfunded rural support services, Roger and others in his town began reaching out to addicts and their families.

Aired: 06/15/18

Rating: TV-G

Video has closed captioning.

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  • Drug Court

    Drug Court

    “There’s nothing easy about it.”

  • Narcan


    What happens to the body during an opiate overdose and how Narcan can be a lifesaver.

  • A Ride in the Country

    A Ride in the Country

    An addict for over 20 years, Roger T. Winemiller is now over a year into recovery.

  • A Doctor’s Perspective

    A Doctor’s Perspective

    Dr. Catherine LaRuffa discusses the heartbreak of babies being born addicted to opiates.